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The Turteltaub from Stryi, Bolechow and Synowodzkowydzne
This web site contains three "different" branches that are probably interconnected: Stryi, Bolechow and Synowodzkowydzne. Here are the facts.
The three towns are very close from each other. The next figure shows these towns, together with other towns that had T inhabitants. Observe the scale.
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Synowodzkowyzne is located at the star left of the "M17" square. According to Symcha Turteltaub, who lived in Stryi, he had heard of family living in the zone who emigrated to the USA. The letter below has the information.
Synowodzkowyzne is a very small place. The distances between the three towns are very small. Of course, this conjecture can only be verified through a revision of the vital records.
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