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The two Plock branches and the Wloklawak branch
This web site contains three "different" branches that are probably interconnected: Plock-Sierpc branch, the Plock branch and Wlockawack branch. Here are the facts.
The "Plock-Sierpc" branch has been extensively researched. The tree contains more than three hundred names.
There is a second branch that comes from Plock. They settled in England. At present there is very little information previous to the emigration to England. It stands to reason, however, that the Plock ancestors were in the same family as those from the "Plock-Sierpc" branch. Thus, hopefully in the near future it will be possible to consolidate these two branches.
There is a third branch that comes from Wlockawack, a place close to Plock, Dobrzyn  and Sierpc (These are the three places relevant to the "Plock-Sierpc branch"). The information on this branch is very skimpy, and comes from Carole Turkeltaub. There are two reasons to suspect that this branch is also connected.
First, Carole's father was called Chaim Yonas Turkeltaub. The members of the Plock-Sierpc branch are descendants of Chaim Jonas Turkeltaub, married on 1827. Chaim Yonas could well be a grandson of Chaim Jonas.
Second is this piece of data presented by Carole in an email.
Hello Matias and David!
Yesterday Paula and Moss Davis came here to our home in Nes Ziona and we had a great time establishing the CONNECTION ! The MOB has nothing compared to us! We have finally got down to the question: Whose funeral was it in 1925 (?? 1924) in London where my father (Chaim Jona Turkeltaub, a.k.a John Henry Tobin) met my mother (Edwina Herschlikowicz a.k.a Georgina Hirst) ? Obviously it was a Turkeltaub from Plock, who was a relative of my father's (or why did a penniless young man travel to a funeral ?) and someone whom my mother (born and raised in Plock) knew from childhood (ditto a penniless young lady, only a few months in England, visiting her brother Mannie after an illness). Paula is going to go through the graveyard lists with a toothcomb and WE WILL DISCOVER THE LINK - THE MISSING LINK !! It is fascinating - especially the story of Moss's father's family ! By the way David, we haven't met - I would like to introduce my son Eli who is in Austin Texas, waiting for the birth of the expected triplets and returning to Israel August/September. Please make contact ! Did I mention that among my late brother Julian 's papers I found a scribbled family tree which gave our grandfather Abraham Turkeltaub a brother named Menachem Mendel. I had never heard of that before. I am going to ask Rosalind Cooper who is the granddaughter of Solly (Sidney) Tobin (Turkeltaub) to email you and let you have the little information that she has gathered. Best wishes - and good luck !! Carole
Hopefully, these connections will be eventually established.
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