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The Terkeltaub (from Lodz?)
In several T branches there have been some members whose name was registered as Terkeltaub (with an 'e"). The telephone directory contains the following names. It is unclear whether all belong to the same branch. As noted below, some come from Lodz, although there is no information as to whether all are connected.
Agnes M Terkeltaub 50 W 97th St #5h - New York,NY 10025-6006
Barney Terkeltoub 2940 Ocean Pky - Brooklyn,NY 11235-8250
Bernard Terkeltaub 166 Rockmart Av - Elmont,NY 11003-1732
Bruce J Terkeltaub 10255 Wayover Wy - Columbia,MD 21046-1361
Carl Terkeltaub Mountain Hl Cot - Monticello,NY 12701
David Terkeltaub 232 Penn St - Brooklyn,NY 11211-8113
David Terkeltoub 5202 Hedgerow Ln - Wilmington,NC 28409-3213
E Terkeltaub Nachlai Emunah - Monticello,NY 12701
F Terkeltaub 110 Suburban Pky - Norfolk,VA 23505-3573
Joseph Terkeltaub 222 Penn St - Brooklyn,NY 11211-8167
Julius I. Terkeltaub 770 Bronx Rvr Rd #41 - Bronxville,NY 10708-6966
M Terkeltaub 524 E 20th St #7f - New York,NY 10009-1307
M Terkeltaub 281 C Av - New York,NY 10009
Mark Terkeltaub 1270 56th St - Brooklyn,NY 11219-4505
Paul Terkeltaub 4409 Moosewood Dr - Virginia Bch,VA 23462-5720
Robert Terkeltaub rterkeltaub@ucsd.edu
Sonia Terkeltaub 6259 Kings Gate Cir - Delray Beach,FL 33484-2499
Toby Terkeltaub 235 Penn St #1fl - Brooklyn,NY 11211-8112
In connection with the Terkeltaub, the following emails have been received.
From Amy Bloodworth

Mi nombre es Amy Bloodworth y yo vivo en Santa Ynez, CA. El nombre de mi abuela era Amelie Terkeltaub y ella nació en Estrasburgo en Francia en Noviembre 26, 1907. El nombre de su padre era David pero ni mi madre ni yo sabemos exactamente cuando él nació. Desgraciadamente mi abuela se murió hace 9 años. Ella
inmigró a los estados Unidos en 1925 con su marido Lucien Mendegris. Yo espero que esto sea útil.


From Nancy Sunshine
Hi ,
I am the daughter in law of a Terkeltaub. They were born in Lodz Poland and
immigrated to the USA in the 1960's. My husband was also born in Poland
after the war. He changed his name to Sunshine when he became a citizen. My
brother in law is still a Terkeltaub. My in laws are Carl, and Francis Terkeltaub. I hope this is helpful.
From Ronit Simantov
I actually told Nancy Sunshine about you because she is more familiar with
the Terkeltaub history in our family. We are in the same family.
thanks, and please keep me informed.
To complete this information, it is worth noting that the site "JewishGen" contains several records of T born in Lodz. These records are reproduced here.
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