Why Galizia

Of the fifteen T branches originally presented in this site, eight are from Galizia, one from Austria, three from Poland, two from Rumania and one unknown. The Galizian proportion may be even higher. Indeed, at least the Falticenian branch is almost certainly not originally from Rumania, but more likely from somewhere in the Austrian empire. Thus, it makes sense to consider Turteltaub and its derivations as a Galizian name.

Where is Galizia

Galizia (Galicia) is a territory that lies between what today are Ukrania, Poland and Slovakia. It is roughly placed where the star is shown. A detailed map can be seen clicking here.

Control of Galizia

Starting in 1772, Galizia was an Austrian protectorate. The administrative division of Galizia can be seen clicking here or here. On 1918, West Galicia was awarded to Poland and East Galizia to the Soviet Union. At present, it is divided between Poland and Ukraine.
Additional information on Jews in Galiza may be found at Gesher Galizia.

Apparent Contradiction

If your family comes from Galizia, you may have heard one of the following four assertions. They could all make sense.
Your family comes from Galizia Your family comes from Poland
Your family comes from Austria Your family comes from Ukraine