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The purpose

My name is Matias Turteltaub. Until 1997, I assumed all Turteltaubs, Turkeltaubs and synonymous were part of the same family.  An email received on 1997 prompted my curiosity on my origins. Thus, I got involved in a world wide search of every T.
This project is done merely to satisfy human curiosity. Some could consider it a purposeless search. One of the greatest satisfactions I have received is to find that a vast majority of the T are willing to spend their time in this seemingly purposeless pursuit. Indeed, the section Credits lists part of the people involved. The mere size of the list is proof that we, the T, share a common interest in this search.
Why this section

This is a project where many people are involved. I was reluctant to put my name, so as not to give the false impression of trying to obtain credit from the work of others. However, again and again I have been asked to identify myself. Aliza Kolker put the point very clearly: "reluctance to send information to an unknown place in cyberspace". I hope this section fully answers this doubt.
My story

I am Chilean. For a rational explanation of my nationality, please follow the link at the right.
Why I'm Chilean
I have one sister, Ester Dora Turteltaub. The picture shows my parents, my sister and myself. (Click on picture to see an enlarged version). Algarrobo ca.1950
I received my undergraduate education in the University of Chile. I married in Chile with Enid Larrazábal. We then lived three years in Pasadena, CA, USA and returned. (Click on picture to see an enlarged version). Enid Larrazabal and Matias Turteltaub
In 1972 we moved to Caracas, Venezuela, the birthplace of Enid. We have lived in Caracas ever since. I work in software. Further, I teach (theoretical) mechanics at the main University of the country
The Bonus
The bonus of this project has been the opportunity to talk by phone with many T, and meet several, including Harry N.Turtledove and Laura Frankos, Emily Turteltaub, Bertha Turteltaub, Jack Shear, Marcie Shear, David Turteltaub, wife and children, Abe Hirsch, wife and children. The picture at the right (top) shows a meeting in Boston of members of three different branches. (Click on picture to see an enlarged version and list). The bottom picture was taken in Pasadena and shows members of two branches. Multi branch picture
Turtledove and Turteltaub
My data
My home number is 58(country code)-212(area code)-2571361. From the USA, dial 011-58-212-2571361. Alternatively, from the USA dial 208-7309685. If no one is available, leave a message in the recorder and I will return the call.
If you happen to come to Caracas, or if you need to snail mail me, my address is
Matias Turteltaub
Avenida Topo Murachi
Quinta Ninico
My email is very simple: M@Turteltaub.com.
To complete my data, the recent picture shows (my wife) Enid and me in Rockport, MA, USA.. (Click on picture to see an enlarged version). Rockport 1997