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The Turkeltaub from France
There are several Turkeltaub in France. It would be interesting to discover if they are part of the branches described here or part of new branches.
In connection with the French T, one member of the Plock branch was David Turkeltaub, son of Gedaliah Turkeltaub. born somewhere between 1850 and 1880, maybe in Plock or in Dobrzyn. David emigrated to France. Contact with him was lost after that. If you have any information on David, please email either the Webmaster or David Turell. Thank you.
Here is a list of the Turkeltaub in the French telephone directory.
Albert Turkeltaub 15, Rue Gretry 95160 Montmorency
Alain Turkieltaub 4, Rue Rene Schickele 67000 Strasbourg
Alain Turkieltaub 46, Route de Marzelay 88100 St Die
Helene Turkieltaub 16, Rue D'Arcueil 92120 Montrouge
Jaques Turkieltaub 103, Rue Nationale 17250 St Porchaire
Nathalie Turkieltaub 11, Promenade Jean Jaures 92110 Clichy
Sabine Turkieltaub 4, Rue Leon Delagrange 75015 Paris
Sura Turkieltaub 104/B, Rue Pelleport 75020 Paris
Max Turteltaub Route Hubacs 26220 Dieulefit
Max Turteltaub 4, Avenue du General de Gaulle 74200 Thonon Les Bains
In connection with the French T, the following emails have been received.
Sent by Amy Bloodworth
Mi nombre es Amy Bloodworth y yo vivo en Santa Ynez, CA. El nombre de mi abuela era Amelie Terkeltaub y ella nació en Estrasburgo en Francia en Noviembre 26, 1907. El nombre de su padre era David pero ni mi madre ni yo sabemos exactamente cuando él nació. Desgraciadamente mi abuela se murió hace 9 años. Ella
inmigró a los estados Unidos en 1925 con su marido Lucien Mendegris. Yo espero que esto sea útil.
Sent by P. Kogan
Jacques Turkieltaub was married with a sister, Line, of my brother in law, Georges Schiffmann.
They have a daughter, living in F-Belfort.
Adress unknown, but I will send your inquiry to Belfort.
Best regards
Sent by Michel Touret
Place paris-france
Your is very nice
My father 1920-1995 is born Turkeltaub in Poland. He went in France whith his parents round 1932 where can i look to try to built a tree
Sent by Julien Touret
Place Paris, France
Comments Hello,
My name is Julien Touret, but my grand-father's was Turkeltaub (He changed it just after WWII). I just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of you site. Thank you, Julien T.
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