This search has involved hundreds of phone calls and over a thousand emails. I (webmaster) answer every email. If you do not get an answer, please insist. It means that the email got lost.
The page that follows includes emails with leads that haven't been followed. If you know anything related to these T, please contact me. Thanks in advance.
Here is a list of these pending communications
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Deborah Dworski on the Turteltaub from Sokolow
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Aaron Bar-Tor (formerly Turkeltaub) , on Turkeltaub from Krasnystaow
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Anat Shilansky, on Feivish Shraga Turkeltaub from Zlochow
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Richard, on Bella Turkeltaub
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Galit Peleg, on the Turkeltaub from Lvov
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Mickey Becker, on Dora Turteltaub
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Beth Galleto, on her Great aunt Sara or Dora Turteltaub
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Beth Galleto, on Turteltaubs found on the 1920 NY Census
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Helena Turteltaub, from the Solomon's Mine branch, on Turteltaubs from Boryslaw, found by Saul Turteltaub in Charleston.
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Raymonde Libermanas, on Turkeltaubs from Warsaw
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Aharon Goldman, on Turkeltaub from Darabani/Dorohoi, Romania.
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Sara Elishis, on her Turkeltaub family
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Thomas F. Weiss, on the Turteltaub from Buczacz
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by David C DeBevoise, on the Turteltaub from Nadvorna
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Phyllis Kramer on Isadore, Fannie and Lilly Turteltaub
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Phyllis Kramer on two drafted Turteltaubs
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Phyllis Kramer on a Turteltaub plot at Mt. Zion Cemetery
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by P. Kogan, on Jaques Turkieltaub from France
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Neta Tor on the Turkeltaub from Radzyn
flecha1.gif (137 bytes) Sent by Al Wirtzbaum on the Turkeltaub from Radzyn
Sent by Deborah Dworsky
I volunteer in a Jewish nursing home near Washington, DC.  I help the elderly people write their family histories.  I am working with an 87 year-old man named Louis TAUB.  He survived the Holocaust by serving in the Soviet Army.  Anyhow, I think you should know about him because he was born Lemel TURTELTAUB in the town of Sokolow, Galicia, not  far from Stryj.  He never knew his TURTELTAUB family because his father was murdered during a robbery when he was just one year old.  His father was Yisroel TURTELTAUB and his grandfather was Lemel TURTELTAUB.  (He was named after his grandfather.)  I wonder if he is related to the TURTELTAUB family of Stryj.  Have you considered genetic (DNA) testing to see if the various TURTELTAUB families are related?
Sent by Aaron Bar-Tor
My name is Aaron Bar-Tor (formerly Turkeltaub ). My father's name was Itzhak and to the best of my memory he used to have an aunt in the US named Pearl who probably passed away about 30 years ago. My father escaped from Poland (Krasnystaow) during the second world war. His parents names were Yaacov and Sara. Any information about probable relatives any where on the globe will be much appreciated.

Aaron Bar-Tor
Sent by Anat Shilansky
Thanks for your message. I knew nothing about the Turkeltaub site. Although looking, I haven't found my Turkeltaub there. My grandmother's brother, Feivish Shraga, was a Turkeltaub. We don't know his father's name, because he had died before the birth of my grandmother. They lived in a town named Zlochow in Galizia. Is there somewhere else to look for?
Thank you again
Anat Shilansky
Sent by Richard
This is quite a site you've got. I recently obtained some information that would seem to indicate that my grandfather's mother's maiden name was Bella Turkeltaub. According to my information, my grandfather was born in or at least emigrated from Warsaw. Bella Turkeltaub was married to a Herman Kuperbloom. Any chance Bella Turkeltaub is somewhere in one of your family trees and was married to a Herman Kuperbloom? If yes, any other info you can offer?
Sent by Galit Peleg
My name is Galit, and I live in Jerusalem. My family came from Lvov. My grandmother's name was Turkeltaub before she married my grand father. She was the only survivor from her family - parents, five sisters and one brother. I  know her father's first name was Nathan and her brother's name was Joseph.
Do you have any information about that family in Lvov? if you do, I'd really  appreciate it since both my grandparents passed away years ago when I was  too young to ask them questions and now it seems pretty hard to get any kind  of information or to find out if anyone else from that branch of the family survived the holocaust.
Thank you
Sent by Mickey Becker
My name is Mickey Becker. I now live in Florida by way of Spring Valley, NY
prior to that I lived in Sea Gate Brooklyn, NY and have reason to believe we
may be related.
A relative unknown to me from South America introduced himself to me at my
wedding in 1954 in Brooklyn. One of my grandfathers brothers had a daughter
by the name of Dora Turteltaub who was in show business.
Sent by Beth Galleto
I had a great aunt whose name was Sara or Dora Brown. I was told that she married the owner of a grocery or candy store in Brooklyn. His last name, they said, was Turtletaub. She would have been born some time between 1848 and 1878. She was a chorus girl on the stage, and another relative said he saw her perform in Omaha in 1910. Do you have such a person in any of your Turteltaub trees? Beth
PS I love your website!
Sent by Beth Galleto
In searching for my great aunt Sara or Dora Brown who was said to have
married a Turtletaub in Brooklyn I found the following in the 1920 NY
census index:

Samuel Turtletaub, 52, (I didn't note down where he was born.) 235 S.
4th Street, Brooklyn, wife Dora, 50, born Austria. Children Frank, 25,
Beatrice, 20. Lillian, daughter in law, 20, Samuel Saltzstern,
son-in-law, 22, Lillian, granddaughter, 1 and 3 months.
Sydney Turtletaub, 24, born Russia, 450 E. 176 St. Bronx. Wife Sara, 24,
born Russia, daughter Edith, 3, born NY.

Do these fit into your research anywhere?
Beth Galleto

Sent by Helena Turteltaub
Dear Matias
I have learned the following recently from my brother Saul Turteltaub who uncovered the formation while traveling to Charleston, South Carolina. In a cemetery named Brith Shalom there are several Turteltaubs buried. The major "player" in the group was a man whose name is not spelled correctly but who apparently had offspring too buried in the cemetary whose name is spelled EL.. They are from the town of Boryslaw, Austria The main Turtletaub whose first name I can't decipher was a World War I hero. He apparently distinguished himself in France where he established a gun emplacement and secured an area. Then there is Max Turteltaub born Aug 24 1898 died March 1 1949, Rosalie Turteltaub born Jan 8 1872 Died July 26 1917 and her husband Jacob Turteltaub born Jan 15 1878 died Dec 22 1926.

Saul found out about this group when he went into a restaurant and a waitress with whom he had a conversation and to whom he told his name said she once worked for a woman who was in love with Turtletaub, never married him and the waitress knew where he was buried and took Saul to the cemetery.
Since some of these deaths are relatively recent, I am sure you will be able to trace town records to find family that really may still be in the area.
I hope this was useful and that you get this E-mail. You can respond to me at my address.
Happy Chanukah.
Helena Koenig

Sent by Raymonde Libermanas
Fri, 25 Sep 1998
Dear Matias Turteltaub,
Thank you for your letter to Zvi Galor who is my husband. And Happy New Year. I was born Raymonde Libermanas in Paris. My mother, Laja (Lotte) Turkeltaub was born in Warsaw in 1911 or 12 or 13. When she was 17 years old approximately, she traveled from Poland to Venezuela to visit close family with the hope to settle there.
She met my father in Paris when on her way to Venezuela. All her sisters and brothers are dead, or in Poland or in Paris. I settled in Israel in 1973.
Might be interesting if you and me have some drops of same blood.
Kindly to you from Raymonde and Zvi
Sent by Aharon Goldman
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1996 14:23:32 -0800
Subject: Searching: HELLER & others from Darabani/Dorohoi, Romania
We are trying to locate information on the following:
Heller, Poplicker, Turkeltaub from Darabani/Dorohoi, Romania.
Any info or pointers would be appreciated.
Aharon Goldman
Sent by Sara Elishis
My name is Sara Elishis. I am on your list of people you want to contact for info. I am currently asking my relatives for more information. My Grandfather is on your list as well, Sidney M Turkeltaub.
To get as much information as possible, we are contacting his older sister who was born in Poland. (my grandfather is in his upper 70’s but was born in the USA) Her name is Molly Lieber. She currently lives in Florida.
Sent by Thomas F. Weiss
Newton, MA, USA
My gggf, named Leibisch Frenkel, married Ryfka Turteltaub on March 31, 1870 in Buczacz, Poland. I have no other information about Ryfka but I do not see listed under that name in your database.
Sent by David C DeBevoise
To: Matias Turteltaub
Subject: Turteltaub query
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 16:08:20 -0800
HI! I think that I may have contacted you before about my in-laws Phoebus & Laura. The little info that I have came from WHM files. I do not need data on where/when/how they died.
I am interested in any other facts, especially birth and marriage. I do know that they were in Wein prior to 7/25/25 [my wife Julie's birthdate].
Am send attachment with a summary of their data.
Turteltaub, Phoebus
birth: 21 Mar 1897 Nadvorna, Poland

death: abt 20 May 1942 Minsk, USSR
!RESIDENCES: bef 1939; 27 Obermuellner St, Wein 5/19 Austria; last known 9
Gruene Thorgassee, Wein 19 Austria;
Zimmer, Laura
dob:21 Dec 1897 Crakow, Poland
dod: abt 20 May 1942 Minsk, USSR
!RESIDENCES: bef 1939; 27 Obermuellner St, Wein 5/19 Austria; last known 9
Gruene Thorgassee, Wein 19 Austria;
Sent by Phyllis Kramer
Hello. In my family tree I have a Schimmel who married:
Harry Schimmel married on 11/26/27 M#32679 29 (born1897) Austria. Parents: Michael/Rose Leah (Kandel) 64 Rush St., Bklyn, to Lilly Turteltaub, 127 Goerch, born NYC 19 parents:Isadore/Fannie(nee Sachweld). Rabbi isac weiss, synagogue: Sokolow Lisensk, 90 Willet
Any chance of a connection?? I believe the Schimmels came from Strzyzow, in Galicia, West of Przemysl
Sent by Phyllis Kramer
Subject: turteltaub
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 1997 18:50:11, -0500
You asked about turteltaubs......and by chance I came acrosss 2 of them in the 1914 draft........

Turteltaub, Harry born 1/10/83 Galicia
Pitt 127
Chauffeur, driving truck for Friedharger & Korch, 68 Ave. D
Draft board 102

Born 9/81Austria
Tailor for Schnaps, riv/sheriff
Wife Fannie

Sent by Phyllis Kramer
Matias.......seems I'm fasciinated by your surname....Here's what I found at the Mt Zion Cemetery.....a Turteltaub plot!!

Lena...grandmother, d 3/8/55,70
Abraham 3/10/23,44 son of Eliazer
Miriam 5/39
Louis 6/40
Joseph 4/53
Dora 6/33 and sol 7/47
Fannie 2/62 and wilh 6/62
and then in another place....
Solomon 3/10/25,80 father Moshe zvi
do they fit in?????
Phyllis Kramer, Wilton Conn & NYC

Sent by P. Kogan
Jacques Turkieltaub was married with a sister, Line, of my brother in law, Georges Schiffmann.
They have a daughter, living in F-Belfort.
Adress unknown, but I will send your inquiry to Belfort.
Best regards
Sent by Neta Tor (Turkeltaub)
I would like to receive any info of those related to the Turkeltaubs from Radzyn and Partcev where the estate of Nutte Turkeltaub was.(mills,electric powerplant etc.) My father's name was Nachum son of same Nutte.I know that there was family both in brooklyn and chicago that I met in the lat 50's, it is possible they were related to Kreindel Turkeltaub the wife of Nutte. Any info will be greatly appreciated
Sent by Al Wirtzbaum
Comments I have a cousin who married into the Turkeltaub line (Madeline Katz
and Paul Turkeltaub). I was at the Museum of Jewish Heritage here in
NYC last week and came across the following: "Mina Turkeltaub
(pictured, 1920) and her children traveled from Hungary to the U.S. via
Denmark in 1920. The cards (on display along with her photo) were
used to pass the time on their journey." Could you please tell me
where she fits on your site? I didn't find her on the page Paul's family
appears. Thank you.
Sent by Al Wirtzbaum
Dear Paul and Matias,
I heard from both of you today in regard to the message I sent each of you about Mina. Unfortunately, when I was at the Museum I neglected to write down the name of the person who donated the playing cards and the picture of Mina. The Museum has a web site at and you may be able to contact them to get that information. Hope you enjoy meeting each other and let me know how it turns out.
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