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This site is the product of a collaborative effort performed by many people. Certainly, many who worked in the search have inadvertently been left out. We apologize for those omissions.
In this site, a Branch is a group of T who have a common ancestor. A partial list of those who prepared information on branches is given in the next column. The names of those whose collaboration was of a general nature are given in the present column.


Bits and Pieces
Most T have been found either in Internet or from data supplied by other members of the person's branch. There are, however, some T which have been reported by third parties. Phillys Kramer has consistently supplied such names. Several have also been reported by Saul and Helena Turteltaub. Finally, very useful information was provided by Michael Pink.


The attractive presentation of this site is the work of Caroline O'Daly.


The Turtledove Bird
Turteltaub literally means turtledove. In researching the name, we were lucky to find Texasbirdwatcher. It is one of the best sites on birds. Michele, who maintains the site, provided valuable information on the turtledoves, including pointers to the pictures shown here. Christina Romagosa, of the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation of the University of Florida at Gainesville, amplified on the subject. Christina conducts research on, yes, the turtledoves.


Getting Records
The LDS (Mormon Church) maintains the most extensive collection of Jewish Vital Records in the world. These records are made available to the public for a nominal charge. With the aid of the Venezuelan Mormon Church it was possible to reconstruct the family tree of the Radzyners and Sierpcers. In addition, they produced information for Stopnica. The members of the Church were extremely helpful. The Houston Mormon Church provided the records from Plock. With the aid of those records, David Turell was able to  connect his family with the Turkeltaub from Sierpc.


The Translation
Mrs. Gradzyna Noviska made an excellent job translating the LDS records. Her cooperation went way beyond the call of duty.


The Critics
Both Dr. Aliza Kolker and Dr. Monique Smeets checked thoroughly the text and made positive suggestions which certainly improved the readability.


Today's Internet is what makes a search of this type possible. JewishGen, the "official" site of Jewish Genealogy, is the main provider of information for a work such as this. The facts on Galizia, the locations of towns, and articles on Jewish names were all extracted either from JewishGen or from places linked to JewishGen.
Closing Remark
It's Impossible to cite all the people who, in one way or another, helped make this site a reality. To everyone, THANK YOU!



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Melanie Turtletaub provided most of the information on the Bolechowans. Important additions were provided by Philip Turtletaub. Rose Turteltaub and Marvin Taub helped to confirm the data.
The Chelmer tree was built with records furnished by Daniel Turtledove from Johannesburg, Robert Turtledove from Texas, Esther Turtledove from Cape Town as well as Brian and Stanley Turtledove of Australia.
Data on this branch was collected by Marcelo Tarkieltaub.
The members of the Dornbirner branch were murdered during the war. The history of the branch was reconstructed in great detail by Martin Achrainer and Niko Hofinger with the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Albrich from the Institut für Zeitgeschichte at the University of Innsbruck.
Harry Norman Turtledove made several suggestions of general application, and gave a wealth of information on the Falticienian branch. The bulk of the data on the Falticenians, however, came from Ann Turtledove Jaffe. Important additions on the Falticenians were provided by Jack Turteltaub, Joan Kahn and Harry Leonard Turtledove.
The data on the Canadian part of the Krystynopolians was given by Stuart Richler. The Israeli part was collected by Zvika Turteltove, with additions provided by Ayala Turteltaub.
Plock 1
The facts on those members of the Plock#1 Branch who were born up to 1883 in Sierpc were drawn from the Jewish records of Sierpc. Those records were supplied by the Mormon Church. Data on the descendants of Jacobo Turteltaub was furnished by Sara and Patricia Turteltaub. The information on the descendants of Zysia Chaia Turkieltaub was collected by Bina Turkieltaub. The information on descendants of Abraham Michael Turkieltaub was produced by David Turkieltaub. The descendants of Golda Turkieltaub were reported by Olga Licht. The facts on the descendants of Samuel Turteltaub were given by Matias Turteltaub. The information on descendants of Samuel Turteltaub B. was obtained by Jack and Mordechai Benari. For the descendants of Ester Turteltaub data was given by Jonas Beregovich. A possible lead on the descendants of Dwora Turkieltaub and Iciek Margiel was reported by Alex Weingarten. The lead has not been followed yet.
Data on Gedaliah Lewis Turkeltaub and his descendants was provided mostly by David Turell. He reconstructed parts of the family history from the record of Plock. The rest was reconstructed from his own knowledge of the family. Some data was also provided by Elyse Turkeltaub.
Plock 2
The data on the members of this branch was provided by Paula Fyne-Lewis. The pictures were also provided by her.
A significant part of the Radzynian tree was built in 1982 by Claudia Chaiet. A substantial effort was carried out recently by Hal Turell. He wrote to many members of his family and received from all of them a terrific response. Special thanks are due to Fred, Jeff and Doug Ullman, who gave complete information of their branches, to Mike Turell, to Ann Turell and Emily Bowman who helped with their data as well as to other members of that branch. Paul C. Turkeltaub, who has kept a long term interest in the family tree, was instrumental in the process of tying the work of Claudia Chaiet with the results of Hal's contacts. The Jewish records of Radzyn previous to 1865 were supplied by the Mormon Church.
Most of the tree of the Rumanian Branch was drawn by Albert and Sylvia (Turteltaub) Konig.    Finally, Harriet Turteltaub provided information which helped complete the tree.
Solomon's Mine
The information on the Solomon's Mine Branch came from Helena and Saul Turteltaub, with important additions by Adam and Rhea Turteltaub. Saul Turteltaub suggested the immaginative name for the branch.
Data on the Stopnicans branch was provided by Mark Turkeltaub.
The information on the Synowodzkowyznian Branch was prepared by David Turteltaub and reviewed by Bertha Turteltaub.
The first version of the Tarnowian Tree was provided by Abe Hirsch. Extensive corrections were later made by Jill Leibman.
The information on the Viennese was given by Emily Turteltaub. Important additions were provided by Miriam Turteltaub. The facts on some of the descendants of Joseph Turteltaub were obtained from a newspaper provided by Michael Pink.
The family tree of the Wloklawak Branch was provided by Carole (Borowitz) Turkeltaub. The pictures were obtained from the home page of Eli Borowitz.
Wolf Galizians
The Wolf Galizian Tree was constructed through a joint effort coordinated by the ever enthusiastic Theresa Halle. A substantial fraction of the work was done by Jodi Turtletaub, with important additions by Stanley as well as Steven Turtletaub.