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Purpose of Site
This site is being constructed and maintained as a means to attain the following goals:
Discover all the T, living or deceased.
Discover the relationships between those T.
Reconstruct, on the basis of the information obtained, the family trees of all the T.
Most important of all, compile information which will help to understand and preserve the family histories of the T.
Use of Site
This site is strictly non commercial, non professional, non career advancement. Please help to keep it that way.
The only two exceptions to the previous rule are the following
Links to pages of Members are strongly encouraged, regardless of the objectives of those pages.
Several companies collect and sell genealogical information. That information is used by people who are doing genealogical searches. We encourage those companies to use our tree. It may help other Members find this site
Most of the facts presented here can be easily obtained searching the Web. In spite of that, if you DO NOT want your information to appear on this site, contact us. Your data will be suppressed.
Who are Members
Members of the T tree are those who have, or whose partner has, a T ancestor.
Adoptions and Half Brothers
In connection with adoptions, the following paragraph is quoted from the book "From Generation to Generation - How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Family History" by Arthur Kurzweil.

... "If you were adopted I would strongly suggest that you research the family history of your adoptive parents. Just as they adopted you as their child, you can adopt their history as your own history."..

In contrast to the above, half brothers of members are not considered members, unless of course they share aT ancestor. Needless to say, half brothers are me
mbers of a family. To overcome this unacceptable situation, "local" family trees are built within the corresponding Branch section (See, for example, the Lipke Tree in the Sierpcer Branch).
Names of Members
Members, both male and female, are identified by their first name followed by their family name (normally either their father's or their mother's name).
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